• Bob Coward Speaks to Latest Challenges Affecting New Nuclear Plant Development

    July 2010

    Alexandria, VA. - In June 2010, Bob Coward, a Principal Officer of MPR Associates, gave a speech titled Competitiveness, Economic and Intangibles of New Nuclear Power Plants- An Implementation Perspective to a conference sponsored by the US Nuclear Infrastructure Council where he highlighted the rising total cost of new nuclear units to be the greatest challenge facing the new nuclear industry. Read More

  • MPR Acquires HUCKdesign LLC

    June 2010

    Alexandria, VA. - MPR announced the completion of its acquisition of HUCKdesign, LLC, an award winning industrial design firm. The new entity will now operate as HUCKdesign, A Service of MPR and will be positioned as MPR's in house industrial design service. This acquisition developed naturally out of the strategic alliance that MPR and HUCKdesign, LLC formed in 2008 to offer their clients a comprehensive and streamlined product development process. Together, MPR and HUCKdesign offer an integrated product development process that concurrently combines first-of-a-kind engineering with human factors-focused industrial design. Through concurrent engineering and industrial design, MPR is able to provide turnkey product development solutions to our clients allowing for rapid prototyping of new innovative products and technologies. This process has provided their clients with more than 100 new products and technologies. Read More

  • Brian Scrivens Joins MPR Product Development

    October 2009

    Alexandria, VA. - Brian Scrivens recently joined MPR in the Alexandria office, serving in MPR's Product Development business sector. Read More

  • MPR Principal Dr. Doug Chapin Contributes to National Research Council Report

    September 2009

    Alexandria, VA. - With a sustained national commitment, the United States could obtain substantial energy-efficiency improvements, new sources of energy, and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions through the accelerated deployment of existing and emerging energy technologies, according to America's Energy Future: Technology and Transformation. Read More

  • New iPhone/iPod Technology for Medical Devices Demonstrated By MPR

    June 2009

    Alexandria, VA. - MPR Associates demonstrated new iPhone/iPod technology for medical devices at MD&M East, Booth 2255 in New York, in June. The MD&M demonstration illustrates wireless control and monitoring of an infusion pump. Read More

  • Toyota Presents PHV Technology at MPR

    June 2009

    Alexandria, Virginia - On June 1, 2009, Dr. Robert Wimmer, Toyota's national manager for Technical and Regulatory Affairs, Energy & Environmental Research, made a presentation to MPR on issues regarding vehicle electrification. Following the formal presentation, MPR's staff had an opportunity to examine a Toyota Prius modified to demonstrate plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHV) technology. Read More

  • MPR in Partnership to Execute $600M Hydroelectric Project in Southeastern Turkey

    March 2009

    Alexandria, Virginia - The Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency (ISPAT) of Turkey announced earlier this month that a partnership consisting of Turkish Companies and MPR Associates will jointly execute a US$600M hydroelectric project in southeastern Turkey. Read More

  • MPR Associates Leadership Transition

    January 2009

    Alexandria, Virginia - MPR is pleased to announce that Robert Coward has been promoted to the position of Principal Officer, effective January 1, 2009. Read More