Delivering Technical Solutions


We are proud to continue supporting our Federal partners, building on our Founder’s mission which started during their time at Naval Reactors and transitioned to MPR Associates.

MPR’s solutions are focused on delivering for the mission of Federal Agencies. Since 1964, MPR has been providing solutions to first-of-a-kind and first-in-a-while technical and programmatic challenges for a growing set of Government customers and prime contractors. MPR’s founders came from the first generation of Naval Reactors, responsible for the success of the USS NAUTILUS, the world’s first operational nuclear-power submarine. That culture of confidently solving never before solved challenges, requiring safety and reliability, is a pillar of MPR’s Federal Services business.

MPR routinely works with high visibility programs in the Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Energy (DOE), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), National Science Foundation (NSF), National Laboratories, and Shipbuilders that have unique technical challenges and challenging execution timelines and budgets.

MPR is a trusted partner of project leaders, delivering a mix of on-site engagement, field work, and home office effort that provides the most cost-effective, high value solutions. We apply our core services to solve our Nation’s biggest challenges.

Project Execution and Risk Management

Our Project Execution and Risk Management solutions, applied early to large programs, ensure projects are structured in a risk informed manner and aligned with appropriation constraints, resulting in execution predictability and a process to dynamically adapt based on risk management and quantitative methods. Applied to on-going programs, MPR’s Project Execution and Risk Management solutions can help projects to recover schedule, budget and overall performance. The outcome is an optimized, risk informed recovery plan with execution metrics to continually assess progress, support active program management, and serve as a communication tool to leadership. The MPR Project Execution and Risk Management service has been applied proactively to DOE capital programs, DOD test facilities and DHS laboratories and also applied to on-going DOE cleanup and capital programs, DOD test facilities, and DOD ship construction programs.


Product Development

Our Product Development service is tailored to challenges where preexisting solutions do not exist. MPR seeks to understand the mission need, developing a custom solution. MPR has full product development capabilities ranging from early Research & Development to providing production level equipment. Often MPR focuses on one stage of the product development process such as ideation, concept design, or performance analysis and partners with our customer integrating our solutions into their program. As an example, MPR has partnered with Federal customers to develop concept designs that have formed the basis detailed Design/Build acquisitions. MPR designs system modifications at National Laboratories to extend facility life. MPR designs equipment to keep Navy ships and other long-lived assets viable with respect to obsolescence. MPR also provides end-to-end solutions that start as research and development concepts with Federal research facilities and result in production hardware, electronics and software operating on active DOD platforms performing unique missions.

Reliability and Asset Management

MPR’s Reliability and Asset Management service strives to achieve the highest performance, utilization and availability for Federal assets and infrastructure resulting in the optimum use of tax-payer dollars. These services use a combination of analysis, testing and planning to keep existing assets on-line and resolve underlying technical issues to get underperforming assets back in service. These challenges often involve root cause studies to identify recurring issues that lead to chronic underperformance as well as modeling and analysis to determine expected performance.

MPR has resolved reliability issues on diesel engines for the DOD that caused frequent and costly repairs and took the platform out of service. Additionally, fleets of assets can be studied to determine how to achieve better availability and performance.

MPR developed and managed the Submarine Intermediate Maintenance and (SIMMSO) to help the Navy project a larger forward presence with a limited number of submarines. The program systematically resolved chronic reliability issues that kept submarine from being deployed thus allowing the deployment of the same number of submarines more frequently resulting in higher utilization of existing assets improving National defense.


MPR provides the most value when all of our capabilities are used in a single solution. Combining MPR’s technical expertise in product development with knowledge of reliability and asset management and risk reduction, delivers a firm technical understanding of what is required to get challenging first of a kind projects to completion.