Project Execution & Risk Management

Impacting Our Clients' Success


MPR ensures our clients’ most important and most challenging projects and programs are successful and capture their intended value. This mission has been at the core of MPR’s business for over 50 years as we partner with our clients to leverage our expertise and insight. Our clients work in some of the most critical markets and industries, providing society’s most critical needs. Clients from around the world confidently turn to MPR for our understanding of risk management and project execution, knowing our impact will enable their success.

Risk Informed Approach

Risk management tools and skills are the backbone of MPR’s products and services – and MPR’s success. By bringing an integrated approach to project execution and risk management, MPR maintains the strategic and big picture view. Integrating technical and management project elements, along with deep domain knowledge of the project scope, differentiates MPR and amplifies our value, fostering and creating success for our clients. MPR’s approach, posture and attitude center us as a partner; we are a steward of the client’s resources, bring an independent perspective and approach, and provide clear and transparent feedback on project status and recommendations to the decision makers for their needed action.

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Mitigating Risk

The understanding of where risk originates and how to retire risk are fundamental needs and important MPR skills delivered to our clients. MPR’s approach is multi-faceted.

Holistic Project View

We roll up all aspects of risk and project management; thus enabling our client leaders to make clear decisions on critical risk programs and profiles.

Through application of these principles, MPR develops risk strategies scaled to the needs of the client.


Project Execution Services

MPR provides a wide variety of value-added services to ensure project execution is successful. MPR has deep experience working on both the customer and the contractor sides of major projects. This broad experience allows MPR to apply unique insights, enabling both the customer and the contractor to pursue and achieve collaborative success.

MPR’s mission is to make client projects successful; we are not satisfied until that milestone is achieved.