Product Development

Creating Breakthrough Products


Too often, great technologies never make it to market because development takes too long or things go sideways. MPR has a systematic process to mitigate risk during development for efficient use of capital and reduced time to market. This process comes from our founders who used it to develop the world’s first nuclear powered submarine.

Our approach is to break down systems into their constituent elements, solve the high-risk parts first, and then integrate solutions into the fully functional system. We do this in a phased approach with well-defined milestones so progress is clearly measurable and outcomes are more predictable.

Industrial Design

MPR's design team brings a world of creative energy to the products we develop. From concept development to ergonomic design and brand development, MPR employs an approach of designing with empathy for the user to create award winning products with:


Software and Embedded Systems

MPR's electrical and software engineers develop custom embedded systems using platform accelerators, preconfigured hardware and software to reduce time-to-market with proven technologies. Our expertise covers wearable devices, portable battery powered systems, and large scale electro-mechanical systems. Our software engineers are skilled at mobile technologies, embedded firmware and operating systems, as well as desktop and web based solutions.

We speak a lot of software/firmware languages and are fluent in:

Engineering Simulation and Analysis

MPR's culture is built around the application of fundamental engineering principals to solve real world problems. We use engineering simulation and analysis, including structural and thermal finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, and dynamic simulation of mechanical and electrical systems to gain physical insights and optimize designs. This leads to quicker development timelines and a more complete understanding of your product.

Design for Manufacturing

At MPR, design for manufacturing means design for cost, reliability, and error-free assembly starting early in the development process. We understand the trade-offs around complexity of design and manufacturing and leverage lean manufacturing and Six Sigma methods. We use the right analysis tools to optimize solutions for both front-end design and back-end design and process improvements:

Test Systems and Services

Unique products and features often require unique tests. We apply our design expertise to develop custom test methods and fixtures. We also understand the nuances of engineering which enables us to create better tests and provide "white box" test capability. MPR's lab provides a unique environment where experimentation drives innovation.

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