Celebrating 60 Years

Of Technical Excellence


Over MPR’s 60 year history, tools and techniques have changed while the underlying principals and commitment to excellence endure.

MPR has grown from three founders of Naval Reactors to over 250 engineers, scientists and other professionals. We’ve diversified our markets, expanding into industries that value and benefit from our commitment to high-value solutions executed thoughtfully and collaboratively.

Our focus on excellence provides a steady beacon on the horizon allowing us to continue to innovate, evolve, grow, and provide value to our clients with confidence in an everchanging world.

MPR’s legacy originates in Admiral Hymen Rickover’s Nuclear Navy.

Prior to MPR’s founding, the three MPR founders led the original Naval Reactors team, designing and commissioning the NAUTILUS, the first nuclear powered submarine. That drive to achieve, following a risk-centric management approach, and a commitment to excellence remains as the foundation of MPR. This photo includes two of MPR’s founders, Bob Panoff and Harry Mandil, with Admiral Rickover in one of the legendary Naval Reactor technical conferences on August 1, 1958.

MPR was founded on the basis of providing an environment in which the engineers can work closely together to maintain the highest standards of technical excellence.

Harry Mandil, 1964

Then and Now

Relationships remain at the core of MPR’s success. Collaboration internally and with our clients yields unparalleled results. Modern tools and software expand our collaborative-reach, but our best work still occurs in a bustling conference room with whiteboards and the energy to achieve the mission. Sixty years of technological advancement, and most importantly the spirit, commitment, and skill of the people are what allows MPR to continue to deliver exceptional value to our clients.