Asset Management & Reliability

Protecting Mission-Critical Systems


MPR applies in-depth equipment and systems engineering capabilities, commercial and regulatory insight and practical operations experience to optimize the management and operation of energy, defense, and other infrastructure facilities. In all of the sectors in which MPR operates, our clients’ seek to navigate new market, regulatory, and workforce challenges to deliver value to their internal and external stakeholders.

MPR develops and implements strategies to maximize our clients’ effective use of existing assets while leveraging new technology to manage risks, realize new opportunities and improve reliability and performance.

We leverage hard data and integrate input from the executive level to the operator on the ground to provide practical, actionable information and to similarly influence decisions and actions at all levels of our clients’ organizations. To achieve these outcomes, MPR leverages its skills and tools in equipment engineering, data management and analytics; modelling and simulation; controls and automation; cybersecurity and financial analysis across the following service areas: