Power & Energy

Combining Leadership and Experience


We support all types of energy generation and understand the regulatory framework and challenges that each generation-type presents.

MPR provides technical and project services to our Power and Energy Market clients’ most important projects and initiatives, ensuring their success. Our solutions, and the role we play for our clients, are aligned with their top priorities of innovation, risk identification and mitigation, equipment reliability, disciplined capital investment, and, knowledge transfer. We leverage our highly trained, multi-disciplined, and experienced staff to bring the full breadth of MPR capabilities and industry operating experience to each engagement. We collaborate with our clients so that stakeholders from engineering, operations, maintenance, senior management, and other business units understand, support, and can implement our solutions.

Working both domestically and internationally, our clients include utilities, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), developers, vendors, and industry groups. We support all types of energy generation and understand the regulatory framework and challenges that each generation-type presents.


MPR troubleshoots and resolves component issues, evaluates and resolves degraded performance, develops conceptual designs and specifications for replacement components, optimizes preventive maintenance and testing strategies, and, improves equipment reliability. In many cases, MPR experts are more knowledgeable and have more operating experience than component OEMs.



At the system level, we evaluate and optimize system performance and reliability, perform detailed steady-state and transient analysis, develop comprehensive system models, and reduce operational risk. MPR’s multidisciplinary approach ensures that our system level solutions consider all technical disciplines.


MPR works in collaboration with our clients to ensure compliance with major regulatory programs and requirements, develop guidelines and processes for continuous improvement, review and develop short term and long term asset management strategies, and, mentor new program owners. Our programmatic initiatives ensure regulatory compliance and business success.



To assist with reducing project execution risk, we accurately define problem statements and design requirements, perform alternatives analyses including cost benefits, develop project schedules, work breakdown structures, dashboard tools, and risk registers, act as responsible engineer and/or owner’s engineer, develop implementation and testing guidelines, and, continuously evaluate project performance. MPR’s engagement in significant projects ensures projects are completed on time, on budget, and with high quality.


At the leadership level, we advise senior leaders on risk management strategies, recover underperforming technical organizations, develop tools for assessing project performance and quantifying enterprise risk, advise developers and lenders through due diligence and commercial decisions, mentor organizations in leadership and technical conscience, and, promote leadership alignment through fact-based assessments. MPR has advised senior leaders in multiple organizations on their most critical enterprise-level decisions.

As a trusted partner to our Power and Energy clients, MPR is sensitive to the business environment and challenges that each client faces. Our collaborative approach focuses MPR on the right projects to ensure the long-term sustainability and business success of our clients.