MPR Promotes Brian Curran to Vice President

Mr. Curran leads MPR to support the energy transition


MPR Associates, Inc. has promoted Brian Curran to Vice President for Power & Energy.

Mr. Curran began his career at MPR in 2009 and effective January 1, 2024, he will assume the role of Vice President leading MPR to support the energy transition through our clients’ investments and improvements in renewable energy and the grid. Over the past 15 years, he has been a key influencer of MPR and our clients’ business success. Mr. Curran is responsible for important client relationships in our nuclear, renewable energy and transmission & distribution lines of business, and is a recognized industry leader in the critical areas of energy storage and grid resiliency.

"Brian’s transition to MPR, following service in the Nuclear Navy, was a natural progression showcasing his skills, background, and mutual fit for MPR with roots in the Naval Reactors Program,” Bob Carritte, MPR Principal Officer said. “We are excited and confident that Brian, in his new role, will continue to expand the impact of his leadership both internal and external to MPR.”

Mr. Curran’s impact can be seen across the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, and throughout the power industry, for both domestic and international clients. He most recently led MPR’s interconnection analysis, battery energy storage, and power systems analysis teams. As a subject matter expert in both synchronous generator excitation systems and inverter-based resources, he is helping our domestic and international clients modernize and improve the reliability and resilience of aging energy infrastructure. Mr. Curran is a strong advocate for the MPR culture and the development of people and has continued to expand MPR capabilities in alignment with client needs.

In 2002, Mr. Curran earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, and in 2009 he earned a Masters in Business Administration from George Washington University. In 2003, Mr. Curran graduated from the Naval Nuclear Power Program.