MPR Announces Leadership Transition

Tom Lubnow and Jason Gwaltney join Bob Coward to form MPR's executive office


MPR Associates Inc. is pleased to announce that Tom Lubnow and Jason Gwaltney have been named Principal Officers, succeeding Bob Carritte who will take on another senior strategic leadership role. Mr. Lubnow and Mr. Gwaltney join Bob Coward, Principal Officer, to form MPR's executive office.

Mr. Lubnow most recently led MPR’s business area focused on transmission and distribution infrastructure, grid transformation, and deployment of distributed energy resources. Previously, he was MPR’s Vice President of Power Services, where he had technical, administrative, and commercial responsibility focused on power generation, petrochemicals, and fuels consulting.

"I welcomed Tom to MPR as my office mate many years ago when he joined MPR,” Mr. Coward said. “Through many industry changes, including the current move to decarbonize and transform the energy system, Tom has always been out in front, preparing MPR to assist our clients to manage change and capture opportunities. I look forward to working with him and Jason to ensure that the MPR team continues to be a trusted partner to our clients in the industries they serve.”

Mr. Gwaltney started his career at MPR working on large capital construction projects for the nuclear industry, the Department of Energy, and the Department of Homeland Security. He leveraged this experience to help found and lead MPR’s Project Services line of business – developing our expertise in project scheduling, cost estimating, and risk management. Most recently, Mr. Gwaltney has led the development of our Data Analytics and Visualization team – applying MPR’s data analysis skills across MPR’s business. Mr. Gwaltney has also spent the last several years overseeing administrative departments in his role as Vice President of Business Operations.

“Mr. Gwaltney excelled on a variety of projects early in his career and has continued to expand his role in delivering value to clients,” Mr. Carritte said. “His business judgement, leadership, and creativity serve MPR well and we have great confidence in his ability to use these tools to lead MPR from our executive office.”

These transitions come as Bob Carritte steps aside as Principal Officer and moves into a new senior leadership role engaged primarily with project teams serving strategic industry and client initiatives, ensuring that clients experience the excellence and value for which MPR is known, and that MPR’s products and solutions are having the game-changing impact they expect. He will also continue his role on the MPR Board of Directors and as a strategic advisor to the current executive team.

"Bob has been a key partner and friend over the years that we have worked together at MPR,” Mr. Lubnow said. “In his role as Principal Officer he has demonstrated outstanding leadership and stewardship of MPR, always focused on building the long-term trust of clients through the technical rigor and insight that we provide.” Mr. Gwaltney added, “Bob has been my supervisor and mentor for the past several years and I have benefitted greatly from his insights and industry experience. Bob, Tom, and I are excited about the continuing opportunity to work with Bob to help a new generation of MPR engineers and consultants become industry leaders.”

As part of the executive leadership transition, Mr. Coward will also shift to a similar role as Mr. Carritte in January 2025. His focus in 2024 will include working with Mr. Lubnow, Mr. Gwaltney, Mr. Carritte, and other MPR leaders to support a smooth transition and position MPR to continue the high levels of success and accomplishment the firm has consistently achieved for its 60-year history.

Mr. Lubnow earned both a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science and Mechanics and a Master of Science in Materials Engineering from Virginia Tech.

Mr. Gwaltney earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Virginia Tech and earned a Master of Business Administration from Georgetown University.