The integrity to lead


MPR’s founders insisted that technical conclusions and recommendations be based on first principles and not be unduly compromised by external considerations. Our clients have grown to consider MPR’s rigorous approach to be the gold standard.

Epitomizing our Founders’ values and passion for excellence, MPR is led by Principal Officers: Robert N. Coward and Robert M. Carritte.

Robert M. Carritte

Robert Carritte’s roots with MPR reach back to 1986. As a Principal Officer, Mr. Carritte draws on his extensive knowledge and lifetime of experience to create elegant solutions for complex problems in engineering. He has gained considerable expertise in industries and technologies including nuclear, coal-fired, and gas-fired power plants, wind farms, switchyards and substations, liquefied natural gas facilities, petrochemical and steel facilities, and naval vessels. For Mr. Carritte, engineering is more than a career: it’s a way to navigate the world. “Most engineering problems lie at the intersection of things: such as two organizations, two people, two materials in a component, or two different analyses,” he says. MPR offers talented professionals a wide range of projects where technical excellence, intellectual ability, and a broad knowledge base merge together, producing innovative solutions for clients. His Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Bachelor of Engineering Technology degrees from Northeastern University together with his Masters of Engineering degree in Electric Power Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute provide impressive credentials for distinction in the field. He serves on several industry committees and is a member of the American Nuclear Society, CIGRE, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. As a leader, Mr. Carritte looks to the company’s founding values of excellence, professionalism, respect, and integrity, to define his own vision for MPR and foster long-standing professional careers that support MPR’s singular reputation in the decades to come. Bob says, “People want to see the connection between the work they're doing and its socially redeeming qualities today, more than ever before. At the end of the day, there's a body of people here who not only have a passion for the kind of work we do, but are dedicated to the institution. I’ve always been especially proud of working with a great group of people.”

People want to see the connection between the work they're doing and its socially redeeming qualities today more than ever before.

Robert Carritte

Robert N. Coward

Bob Coward has led an extraordinary career, but it’s no less than what he expects for every new engineer who joins the team at MPR. Applicants face formidable competition from a pool of candidates culled from the best programs in the country. But Mr. Coward knows that great engineers are more than just brains: the best ones have an unquenchable ambition to find the height of their capabilities with every challenge. The mark of an MPR engineer is the innate drive to discover, innovate and solve. The hunger to have an impact in the world can be the difference between plotting an unremarkable professional trajectory and one that redefines the curve entirely. Mr. Coward explains, “We’re not just trying to get work done. We’re trying to assemble a team of incredibly capable people who resonate with the kind of work we’re doing. We’re always going to be busy. Let’s try to be busy with the things that are most important.” A pacesetter in the nuclear engineering field, Mr. Coward’s expertise and leadership won him the distinction of serving as president of the American Nuclear Society. Often Mr. Coward serves on blue-ribbon advisory panels to share advice and insight with national leaders in the public and private sectors. He graduated with honors from Duke University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and is a registered Professional Engineer. A principal engineer and MPR employee since 1983, Bob’s path is lit by a vital pull to reach higher. “In everyone there is the instinctual striving to be what we are truly capable of, to have the greatest impact. That is the kind of career everyone at MPR is shooting for.” In the end, MPR is not just a place: it’s a thing that happens between like minds in the hallways, across desks, and in the field. When keen and curious minds collaborate, solutions greater than the sum of their parts emerge. Bob says, “A big part of the magic here is how people build off each other. When you get really smart people in a room face-to-face, they have a different kind of discussion and engagement – one that is more likely to create increased value and innovation.”

In everyone there is the instinctual striving to be what we are truly capable of, to have the greatest impact.