Voltage Regulator Replacements

Solutions to voltage regulator aging and obsolescence issues

The voltage regulator system, a subset of an emergency diesel generator (EDG) excitation system, provides the DC voltage to the emergency diesel generator field winding, controls terminal voltage when the generator is operating isolated from the grid, and controls reactive power when the generator is connected on the grid.

The Challenge

Existing voltage regulator systems are prone to failure

The existing voltage regulator systems are aging and degrading, and they are prone to failure. Maintenance of these systems is challenging due to a lack of spare parts on-site, with no support from the original equipment manufacturer. Voltage regulator system component failures could cause the EDGs to be inoperable for a significant period of time.

The Solution

Address Basler Electric's voltage regulator replacement needs

MPR works closely with its partner, Basler Electric, to address voltage regulator replacements needs. This includes like-for-like replacements or alternate replacements when there are up-rate needs that lead to design changes. Voltage regulator replacements are handled either as entire cabinets or replacement parts installed in existing cabinets, depending on the client's needs and what MPR recommends to be the best option. MPR also develops transient analyses to ensure that the plant design bases are met when the voltage regulator is replaced.

The Results

A joint MPR-Basler Electric team bringing industry experience to develop comprehensive solutions

MPR has proven performance with numerous successful voltage regulator replacements at multiple utilities of most of the legacy OEM voltage regulator equipment. The MPR-Basler Electric team brings robust design, flexibility, technical rigor, and industry operating experience. Solutions are client-focused where MPR acts as the client’s agent for system integration of voltage regulator equipment with experts in design, dedication, qualification, testing, installation, operation, and training. MPR leverages experience with engines, generators and governors with long term support, training, field service, and spare parts.

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