Dark Adaptometer for Age Related Macular Degeneration Testing

Creating a revolutionary device to test for a debilitating disease

An ophthalmic testing company had developed a first-of-a-kind tabletop system to implement its “dark adaptation” test for early detection of age related macular degeneration (AMD). After successfully launching the first product, they realized that they could revolutionize the test by creating a wearable device that functioned like the desktop system while providing a personalized test experience and eliminating the need for dedicated dark rooms in clinical practices.

The Challenge

Create a wearable AdaptDx device

The original AdaptDx automated dark adaptometer is a traditional 45 pound tabletop device that requires a technician to administer a 5-20 minute test in a totally dark room while coaching the patient and adjusting their head for proper alignment. A wearable headset was envisioned to replace the tabletop device which would eliminate the need for a dark room. Other goals were to reduce the burden on clinicians to administer and monitor testing, provide a comfortable wearable device that is adjustable to each patient, and provide a better overall patient experience.

The Solution

Develop a fully custom hardware and software solution

MPR’s team set out to develop a fully custom hardware and software solution in record time. The new wearable device was equipped with two optics modules which automatically detect and align to the patient’s pupils to ensure proper alignment. Cameras were integrated in these modules to measure pupil size and ensure the patient’s alignment (gaze) is maintained during the test. Custom circuit boards and software were developed to provide a rich computing environment, enabling the onboard digital technician named Theia to interact with the patient to instruct, guide, and reassure them throughout the test. Industrial design was used to develop a head strap system and silicone eye cups that provide a light-tight seal for each patient. Disposable Comfort Guards and foam liners add to the patient’s comfort and assure good hygiene between patient exams. The equipment operates with a battery pack configured into to a swappable handheld controller while an onboard battery in the headset keeps the unit operational during controller swaps.

The Results

A completely new experience for patients and eye care professionals

The AdaptDx Pro guided by Theia breaks through the ophthalmic medical device industry by offering a completely new experience for patients and eye care professionals in the fight against age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The development was accomplished in 16 months with over 20,000 hours of effort.

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