Continuous Blood Glucose Monitor

Simplifying a process to benefit both patients and health care workers

The Challenge

Streamline the process of blood glucose readings

Seriously ill patients undergoing intensive insulin therapy in critical and intensive care units require frequent blood glucose readings, a significant burden on the nursing staff. What if the process could be automated using a conventional in-line intravascular (IV) catheter?

The Solution

Automate the process using an in-line (IV) catheter

MPR invented a method to obtain a sterile blood sample from the IV line then reinfuse the blood.

The turnkey product development effort included:

  • Voice of the customer input
  • Industrial design and graphical user interface (GUI) design
  • Detailed engineering including custom syringe pump design
  • Custom embedded system with redundant safety features
  • Full-system verification and validation testing

The resulting diagnostic system is an easy-to-use solution for clinicians and allows for unattended operation and real-time glucose readings.

The Results

An intuitive, easy to use device that benefits patients and clinicians

The intuitive software interface of the device enables clinicians to set up the device quickly, obtain glucose readings frequently, and provides for improved usability as compared to other infusion pump devices. Development of this system took nine months to complete from conception to finished product for clinical trials.

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