Radiopharmaceutical Synthesis Device


Product Development Brochure

Product Development

MPR’s Product Development Group specializes in the development of new life sciences technologies spanning the medical landscape including integrated medical devices, diagnostic systems, combination devices, implants, and disposables, in addition to the design of commercial and consumer products. We also provide consulting services to the industry, focusing on the areas of medical device and diagnostics operations, pharmaceutical process development, due diligence, and productivity improvement for both development and manufacturing organizations.

By integrating engineering, science, and industrial design in a focused process to propel new products, systems, and applications from concept to reality, we are able to successfully deliver products to market in as few as 8 months. MPR stays focused on client needs at every step of the process and works with manufacturers from the beginning to ensure a smooth transition from the initial concept to the final manufacturing design.

We have helped our clients successfully be awarded more than 100 patents for new technologies and processes in the medical field. Our record of proven successes means that clients can confidently outsource innovation without the need for active oversight. At MPR, we keep accountability in-house and use established core teams that stay with the project from commencement to delivery. This means our highly empowered and motivated engineers can move faster and accomplish more with smaller teams and on tighter schedules.

Our headquarters office outside of Washington, D.C., is strategically located near the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the Food and Drug Administration, and the National Institutes of Health.