Every day, MPR's motivated and talented engineering professionals make a difference in locations around the world. We're working to solve energy shortages by helping to develop the next generation of technologies and improving the operations of existing power plants, and we're applying advanced technologies to ensure cleaner air and water. MPR is developing innovative medical devices and biotechnology products that offer solutions to world health problems, and we're on the frontier of smart technologies, developing innovative improvements to make critical systems more secure.


MPR Associates Mourns the Passing of William R. Schmidt, Former MPR Principal Officer

January 4, 2017

William “Bill” Schmidt, long time MPR engineer, leader, and former Principal Officer, passed away December 24th in Fort Myers, FL. Read More>>

MPR’s Lubnow, Svites, and Bagley Deliver Insight at the 2016 Power-Gen International Conference

December 15, 2016

The 2016 Power-Gen International Conference opened December 13th at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center. Read More>>