Radiopharmaceutical Synthesis Device

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Radiopharmaceutical Synthesis DeviceTo meet the needs of a leading radioisotope detection and analysis product supplier looking to miniaturize and automate a complex 12-stage radiopharmaceutical process, MPR created the AutoLoop™ system for the labeling of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) tracers, including C-11 methylations and F-18 fluoroalkylations. MPR provided all of the detailed engineering and industrial design for the integrated hardware and software platform and built the proof-of-concept prototype and pre-production units for Beta testing, resulting in a final product that generates consistently high product yields with a cleaning turnaround time of 30 minutes or less. The device also has built in radiation detectors to provide real-time monitoring of system radioactivity and waste streams. The Auto-Loop™ system was awarded an international patent for the design and application of its first-of-a kind Carbon-11 based radiopharmaceutical synthesis system, which resulted in a five-fold increase in runs per day. MPR also managed the technology transfer of the product to a client-selected contract manufacturer, provided on-site training, and oversaw the first two runs of commercial product. Development of this new system was taken from university lab concept to successful commercial launch in eighteen months.

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