Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative is Recognized for Best Program Management

Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative Program Management Support

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The Department of Energy's (DOE) Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative (NHI) is a key part of the nationwide efforts to mass produce an energy source that is economical, environmentally safe, and independent of foreign sources. The Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative is developing the technology to efficiently and cleanly produce large quantities of hydrogen using nuclear power as the energy source for the process. Managing the technically and geographically diverse Government and commercial activities that comprise the Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative is a significant challenge.


The DOE selected MPR to support their management of the Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative because of our technical depth and understanding of the various chemical technologies being considered, MPR's related nuclear power technology development, the materials development, and other technology challenges. MPR also performs the important role of supporting the project management for the Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative. In addition to performing technical assessments of products from the National Laboratories and commercial laboratories working on the program, MPR created the baseline integrated program plan for the Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative and monitors progress of work to the plan applying earned values principles.


The Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative has been applauded as having one of the best managed of all of the hydrogen economy initiatives. MPR's technical assessments and program management support give the DOE management the insights needed to keep the Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative on track with discoveries in ongoing R&D and with tighter budgets.

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