Navsea Client and MPR Receive DOD Standardization Award For the Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

MPR Helps the Navy Introduce the SCBA into the Fleet

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The Navy needed to replace the WWII vintage oxygen breathing apparatus, and the existing program to develop a replacement for the oxygen breathing apparatus was not succeeding.


The Navy tasked MPR to find a solution because of our track record of finding practical solutions to difficult problems, and because our reliable solutions are applied with confidence when personnel safety is involved. MPR defined the shipboard firefighting environment and the performance requirements for the breathing air system. We determined that, with minor modifications, commercially available Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), used by firefighters throughout the world, would be a cost-effective, long term solution for the Navy. The Navy agreed with our recommendation and tasked MPR with the technical work and program management to introduce SCBAs into the Fleet. MPR: conducted performance tests, developed breathing air system designs, worked with SCBA vendors to ensure their equipment would meet Navy requirements, prepared procurement specifications, developed doctrine for using SCBAs, developed and provided shipboard training and performed shipboard evaluations of SCBA installations.


Live-fire testing demonstrated the effectiveness of SCBAs for shipboard firefighting. The SCBA program was accomplished on time, on budget and met all performance requirements. The Navy now is installing SCBAs on its ships, and using SCBAs for firefighter training. MPR and our Navy client were awarded the DoD Standardization Award for the SCBA program.

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