MPR Recommends ABWR Providing Effective Solution for Nuclear Plant Project Owners

STP 3&4 Independent Assessment

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When NRG elected to proceed with the STP 3&4 project in 2006, STPNOC hired MPR to prepare an independent assessment of the project as well as the available options for constructing new nuclear power plants.


MPR performed a detailed evaluation to identify the best option for customer needs. The ABWR represented the least risk option with the highest likelihood of successful completion on time and on schedule and meeting customer needs.

The MPR assessment addressed licensing considerations (status of design certification efforts), technology (design maturity and risks with first of a kind technology), schedules (implementation schedules for STP site), costs and overall key project risks with each option.


In addition to identifying the optimal technology option for the STP site and the STPNOC owners, the MPR evaluation also identified the key project risks and challenges. This allowed the project owners to develop and implement project execution strategies specifically targeted at mitigating those risks. The project expects to be among the first new nuclear power plants in the US.

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