Continuous Blood Glucose Monitor

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Continuous Blood Glucose MonitorTo improve the care of critically-ill patients, MPR developed an automated glucose monitoring device utilizing a conventional in-line intravascular (IV) catheter for patients undergoing intensive insulin therapy in critical and intensive care units. MPR performed all aspects of the product development work including detailed engineering, industrial design, custom circuit boards, the graphical display, software design, and full-system verification and validation testing. The resulting diagnostic system is an easy-to-use solution for clinicians and allows for unattended operation and real-time glucose readings. A key element of this project was to develop a means to sample blood while maintaining sterility of the blood to be reinfused back into to the patient. MPR also successfully developed a low-cost disposable test kit for the system, featuring a test strip cartridge, ensuring quick replacement of test strips without affecting other operations of the device. The intuitive software interface of the device enables clinicians to set up the device quickly, obtain glucose readings frequently, and provides for improved usability as compared to other infusion pump devices. Development of this system took nine months to complete from conception to finished product for clinical trials.

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