Cell Isolation Technology

Cell Isolation

The Need: The promise of stem cell therapies hinges on our ability to cost  effectively harvest these cells for beneficial uses. While stem cells can be extracted from human tissue, including fat (or adipose) tissue, traditional separation methods are complex, time consuming, and costly. MPRs client desired to automate the process for isolating adipose derived adult stem cells to enable more rapid development of important treatments. 

MPR's Solution: MPR developed a unique automated cell separation technology that substantially streamlines the tissue manipulation process. Using a first-of- a-kind integrated digestion and centrifuge chamber invented by MPR, a single-use disposable system was designed to greatly simplify the process. The disposable system along with reagents and a sample of human adipose tissue are loaded in the processing device and a syringe of endothelial cells in a cell suspension is prepared for therapeutic use.

Impact: This breakthrough product increased the quality and quantity of stem cells that can be obtained in an automated, repeatable and highly consistent manner. Four new patents and other new ADSC technologies resulted from this project. Development of this new system was taken from napkin sketch to operational device in 10 months.