MPR’s Keating and McKillop Assume ASME Leadership Roles

MPR engineers leading the way


MPR’s Robert Keating and Suzanne McKillop have been elected to leadership roles within the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Construction of Nuclear Facility Components Standards Committees (Section III). Nominated by their committee peers, both were elected in the spring and officially took office in July.

The ASME Code committees draw volunteers with diverse experience from across the world to provide the global expertise needed to ensure safety throughout the nuclear industry. Mr. Keating now serves as Chair of the Construction of Nuclear Facility Components Standards Committee. This influential and important committee is responsible for the ASME Nuclear Construction Code, covering all aspects of construction from materials, design, fabrication, testing, and pre-service examinations, with the ultimate goal of uncompromised safety. As Chair, Mr. Keating, with support from the committee volunteers and the ASME Staff, will address technical issues in a public forum while following ANSI accredited Standards procedures that govern deliberations and voting.

“MPR has a long history of supporting the ASME Code and Bob’s contribution and positive impact to the industry are derived from decades of hands-on and valuable experience,” MPR Principal Officer, Bob Coward said. “We are very pleased he has been given the prestigious honor to lead ASME Section III. The ASME Code is one of the most used and critical standards/codes worldwide.” Already familiar with the ASME Section III committee, Mr. Keating just completed two full terms, six years, as Vice Chair among other leadership positions within Section III over his more than twenty years as a committee volunteer. Graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of Maryland with a B.S. in Structural Engineering, Mr. Keating joined MPR in 1984.

Suzanne McKillop is ASME’s newest Chair of Subgroup Design Methods. The Subgroup is responsible for portions of the ASME Code that provide rules for Design by Analysis, Fatigue, Environmental Effects related to fatigue, and Probabilistic Methods in Design. As Subgroup Chair, Ms. McKillop will also serve on the Section III Standards Committee. Ms. McKillop has over seven years as a volunteer on ASME Section III committees, and she has ten years of experience in the nuclear industry, receiving her M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2009 before joining MPR.

“Suzanne’s leadership in ASME displays her commitment to the nuclear industry,” Robert Keating said. “As the youngest member, and one of only two women, on the Standards Committee, Suzanne brings a powerful message for both women and developing engineers. We are thrilled ASME can utilize her expertise and proud to have Suzanne at MPR.”

First published in 1963, Section III plays a vital role for ASME in supporting the nuclear power industry. ASME Standards are developed through a voluntary, consensus process with the goal to protect the health and welfare of the public.