MPR is led by a new generation of principal officers, who epitomize our founding partners' values and passion for excellence: Robert N. Coward and Robert M. Carritte.

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Bob Coward


cowardBob Coward is a Principal Officer of MPR, a role he has held since 2009. Since joining MPR in 1983, Coward has worked on a wide range of challenging technical and management issues for a variety of clients. Previously, he was responsible for leading all of MPR's services to the nuclear power business sector, and he has worked on over 100 electric generating plants world wide. His specific expertise includes work in the areas of project management, safety analysis, and design and development of new nuclear power plants. Coward has been an industry leader in the design, licensing and development of new nuclear power plants, with leadership roles on the EPRI Advanced Light Water Reactor Program; the DOE NP2010 Program, as well as the STP 3&4 project to construct two ABWRs at the STP site in Texas. He also provided the project management and technical leadership to modify the Davis-Besse HPI pumps for operation with debris laden water following a loss of coolant accident, the first PWR project to address plant operation with debris laden water in the containment emergency sump. Mr. Coward is president-elect of American Nuclear Society and regularly serves on "blue ribbon panels" in support of clients and industry groups addressing important design, regulatory, and operational challenges regarding advanced reactor systems, extended power uprates, safety system performance, significant event evaluations, and new plant projects. He has a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering with honors from Duke University and is a registered Professional Engineer.

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Robert M. Carritte

CarritteRobert M. Carritte is a principal officer of MPR, a position he was promoted to in January 2016. Mr. Carritte joined MPR in 1986 after completing his BSEE and BET degrees, with honors, from Northeastern University, and his ME degree in Electric Power Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  With 30 years of engineering experience, he has worked a wide variety of challenging engineering projects involving system design and system analysis; equipment specification, procurement, and test; design and licensing bases; design modifications; troubleshooting and root cause investigation; and problem solving.  He has participated in numerous design, procurement, and construction projects involving various systems and components, including entire power plants.  Mr. Carritte also has supervised and managed a wide variety of major projects involving different types of facilities, including nuclear, coal, and gas fired power plants, high voltage switchyards and substations, and transmission lines, LNG facilities, petrochemical and steel facilities, and naval vessels.  Mr. Carritte is a member of the American Nuclear Society (ANS) and a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.