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Culture + Values

MPR is a client-oriented and responsive organization. Our dedicated employees get tough jobs done on time and within budget. We are always driven by quality, even under time-critical challenges. We deal directly with our clients and each other, including responsibly presenting bad news when needed.

We seek long-term client relationships based on value, trust, and integrity. We maintain high ethical standards, continually improving our quality and expanding our capabilities. MPR provides a supportive, productive, and satisfying workplace because our employees are our most valuable assets. Our success and expansion let us enhance opportunities for personal growth, professional development, and reward. We promote teamwork, demand accountability, and encourage personal development.

We evaluate our performance - both as an enterprise and as individuals - based on the following:

  • Meeting our commitments
  • Achieving technical excellence
  • Providing client value
  • Fostering a premier work environment
  • Valuing teamwork among ourselves and with our clients
  • Establishing trust among ourselves and with our clients
  • Creating innovative solutions
  • Exhibiting leadership at all levels