"The people, the process, you put it all together and you get these special results of a team of people working together, really enjoying their work, making an impact."

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Why MPR?

In 1964, three top engineers who led the U.S. Navy nuclear power program founded MPR, incorporating this same level of technical rigor, business integrity, and leadership into the world of commercial engineering.

Today, their same relentless innovative spirit thrives in an interdisciplinary company employing about 250 engineers and scientists across a broad range of industries and applications. With more than 35 patents and more than 70 first-of-a-kind technology solutions, MPR is continually recognized for technical excellence in meeting demanding engineering challenges.

MPR engineers work in and across multiple disciplines, enabling them to achieve solutions that come with varied experience and skills. Their rigorous application of our proven processes consistently leads to effective solutions, first-of-a-kind technologies with broad applications, and discerning strategic insights that give our clients a strong return on their investment. Our engineers take a holistic systems approach to every effort, continually focusing on how actions in one area can affect other aspects of our clients' enterprises. We share our clients' sense of urgency and dedication by keeping them informed and involved, anticipating their needs, and responding quickly to their requests.