At MPR, we recognize that creating successful products requires a holistic approach it's more than imaginative design and innovative engineering. It also requires understanding business drivers, financial pressures, and market trends. Thats why our product development approach integrates the human, technical, and business perspectives in everything we do.


Using disciplined project management and dedicated project teams, MPR applies our trademarked risk-reduction approach to compress product time-to-market. Our culture of creativity, innovation, and accountability ensures that we find simple, efficient solutions to complex problems. Clients return to us because of our proven ability to invent new, successful products and technologies. Our rigorous protocol of
First Principles is a proven catalyst for reducing risk, revitalizing original concepts, and finding unconventional solutions.


We believe that knowing the people we're designing for is vital to the success of a product. MPR employs numerous research activities and methodologies to gather real world insights, enabling us to design with empathy.

Explore activities include:


Great design fulfills needs that are not always obvious. MPR distills knowledge gathered from Exploration activities to discover unmet user needs and design opportunities.

Discover activities include:


Using insights gained in Discover, we rapidly generate ideas with a focus on diversity. 

Dream activities include:


Selecting the best ideas that are dreamed up, we refine our concepts with an intense attention to detail.

Craft activities include:


Truly innovative ideas must fulfill the needs and opportunities discovered early in the development process. We challenge our concepts through a variety of methods to prove that they not only function properly, but also deliver the desired user experience.

Challenge activities include: