MPR Product Development is the innovation partner with the strength and focus to bring new technologies to life.  For over 25 years, our customers in healthcare, medical devices, laboratory instruments, and consumer products have relied on MPR to bring our passion to their best-in-class products. 

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Medical Devices

From implantables and surgical tools to imaging and electro-mechanical systems, MPR's broad expertise enables medical device customers to rapidly launch breakthrough products. MPR has deep experience across a broad range of the device market, including:

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Successful development of diagnostic devices requires managing the complex interactions around sample acquisition, assay implementation, measurement/reader technology, work flow and usability, and data management.  MPR has expertise in each of these areas, along with the strong systems engineering perspective necessary to commercialize novel diagnostic technology. With experience in assay optimization, device/chemistry integration, and detection technologies, MPR is the ideal development partner.

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Mobile Health

In the mobile health market, MPR provides the technology solutions that enable device makers to go wireless. MPR provides:

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In the aesthetics market, MPR understands the unique aspects of the industry direct reimbursement, direct marketing to patients, the artistic nature of services provided, and the importance of user experience. MPR integrates our concurrent industrial design and engineering capabilities with experience in tissue/energy interaction through ultrasound, laser, thermal, and other energy transfer mechanisms to bring novel products to market.

Drug Delivery Systems

In drug delivery, safety, precision, and reliability are of utmost importance. MPR brings together the human factors engineering, meticulous design, process engineering, and thorough risk management approach needed to successfully commercialize new drug delivery technologies. MPR has experience in combination drug-device design and testing, manufacturing scale-up, and GMP facilities.

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Scientific Instruments

Today's scientific advances in genomics, proteomics, pathogens, and cell biology are made possible by breakthrough technologies in new scientific measurement instruments. MPR has a long track record of commercializing disruptive technologies in this space. Our teams make the connection between the fundamental science and the design and engineering needed to commercialize the product. MPR's results have been distinguished with awards from The Scientist, Pittcon, and R&D Magazine.

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Consumer/Industrial Products

Clients developing first-of-a-kind technologies for consumer and industrial products come to MPR for the creative design and rigorous engineering needed to launch their breakthrough products. From sports equipment, wellness, and personnel protection products to energy conservation and environmental conservation, MPR provides the innovative solutions to make new products possible.




The need for high reliability, clean energy at the point of use and in mobile applications is driving new technologies in generation, energy storage, renewables, and conservation. In the energy field, MPR develops smart, high-efficiency systems to meet mission-critical requirements. Leveraging our long history in the power industry, MPR has the perspective to see how energy innovation can transform the landscape.