Diesel Services

MPR Associates has been a leader in providing the highest quality engineering support for diesel generators for commercial power and emergency diesel generators (EDG) to most of the nuclear power plants worldwide. MPR's experience and technical expertise covers a wide range of disciplines and capabilities, including:
Root Cause Analyses

  • piston and cylinder liner seizures,
  • cracked cylinder heads and liners,
  • seized fuel injection pumps,
  • main bearing and connecting rod bearing failures, and thrown pistons and connecting rods

Diesel Engine Testing

  • Turbocharger Operation with Reduced Lube Oil Supply,
  • Lube Oil System Leaks,
  • Fuel Injection System Leaks, and
  • Engine Low Load Operation Capability.

Diesel Generator System Modifications

  • Lube Oil System,
  • Jacket Water Cooling System,
  • Start Air System, and
  • High Pressure Fuel Injection Lines

Engine Analyses

  • Crankshaft Torsional Analysis,
  • Fuel Injection System Performance, and
  • Engine Bearing Analyses.


  • Maintenance Improvement Reviews,
  • Manuals to Support Improved Diesel Engine Fluid (Oil, Fuel & Water) Chemistry Control, and Effects of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) Fuel Oil on engine performance

Diesel Generator Owner's Groups Management
MPR is the technical director / project manager for three EDG Owner's Groups in the US. MPR has been involved with these owner's groups since 1990 and they have proven to be some of the most effective groups at increasing the overall EDG start and run reliability while reducing unavailability.