Turbomachinery Services

MPR Associates provides engineering services for the application, analysis, operation, maintenance, and testing of: pumps, turbines (steam and gas), fans, compressors, generators and motors. We support our  clients with selecting the appropriate machine/components for the operating conditions and with overall problem solving and issue resolution of existing applications to improve performance and reliability. Resulting from decades of experience, MPR’s general areas of emphasis includes: system design, thermal/hydraulic performance, vibrations, and structural analysis. Specific focus areas include.

  • Design specification preparation, design reviews, and development testing oversight for turbomachinery and their critical components, including:
    • Steam turbine rotors, blades, disks and couplings
    • Turbine governor and control systems
    • Pump impellers, seals, casings and drivers (motors, turbines, gearboxes)
    • Bearings (hydrodynamic, hydrostatic, rolling element) and lubrication systems
    • Fan blades, motors, and controls
  • Rotordynamics and vibration troubleshooting, including:
    • Lateral and torsional vibration analysis of pumps, turbines, and fans
    • Root cause analysis and corrective action planning for resolution of vibration issues
    • Large steam turbine torsional vibration testing and monitoring
    • Bearing design suitability and performance analyses
  • Thermal and hydraulic performance evaluations and testing support for turbines, pumps and fans and associated systems
  • Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability improvement, including:
    • Root cause analysis of equipment failures and operating and performance issues
    • Maintenance procedure development and improvement
    • Preventive and predictive maintenance optimization 
  • Turbine missile containment, missile probability and overspeed analyses (including steam inlet valve maintenance and test interval evaluations)
  • Field technical oversight during overhauls and issue investigations

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