Transformer Engineering

MPR Associates delivers exceptional value to our customers on a wide variety of large transformer projects. Since 1964, MPR’s engineers and scientists have promoted a lasting culture of technical rigor, individual initiative and ownership, process discipline, and business integrity. These traits, along with our comprehensive knowledge and experience of power systems and transformer engineering and procurement, enable MPR to bring a total systems approach to our customers.

MPR experience includes: large and medium power transformer applications for high voltage substations and switchyards, transmission system interconnection, generator step-up, unit auxiliary, and station service transformers for fossil and nuclear power generating stations, industrial facilities, wind farms, and other renewable generation assets.

MPR has successfully completed a wide variety of projects involving transformers with nominal system voltages from 480 V up to 500 kV. MPR’s experience includes core form and shell form type units, two-winding and three-winding transformers with de-energized tap changers (DETCs) and on-load tap changers (OLTCs), dry-type air cooled and oil immersed transformers, and large and medium power, switchgear and pad-mount transformers. 

Our extensive experience and total systems approach includes the full spectrum of transformer engineering services: 

  • Transformer Sizing and Power System Analysis
  • Transformer Procurement and Test Specifications
  • Bidders’ Proposal Evaluation
  • Detailed Design Reviews
  • Factory Quality Audit, Inspection, and Witnessing of Tests
  • Installation and Commissioning Support
  • Condition Assessments, Maintenance and Monitoring Programs
  • Failure Analysis, Forensic Engineering, and Root Cause Investigation

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