Environmental Compliance

MPR engineers develop and execute practical, cost-effective solutions to comply with environmental regulations, carefully evaluating options for compliance and recommending the most effective strategies. When implementing an emissions compliance project, MPR engineers develop a sound technical basis to characterize and quantify, through analysis and/or testing, solid, liquid, and gaseous waste streams. We concentrate on the key technical, commercial, and regulatory issues that will determine success in achieving emissions compliance.

MPR collaborates with plant operators to develop cost-effective engineering solutions while ensuring system operability. We understand that air emissions controls and the core plant work together as a system with complex physical, chemical, and human factors interactions. We reflect this understanding in our projects, whether specifying and implementing a new system or improving the operation of existing systems and equipment.

Air Emissions

MPR provides engineering services to support fossil-fired power plant compliance with air emissions regulations. Since the inception of the Clean Air Act in 1970, we have developed air emissions control strategies, resolved emissions control equipment problems, designed and executed test programs, and demonstrated compliance to regulators. Read More