U.S. WIN Recognizes MPR’s Caroline Schlaseman

July 24, 2017

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In recognition of her outstanding leadership in advancing nuclear energy and capturing its benefits for society, MPR’s Caroline Schlaseman was selected for the U.S. Women In Nuclear (U.S. WIN) Patricia Bryant Leadership Award (PBLA). Ms. Schlaseman accepted the award today during WIN’s National Conference in San Francisco, CA.

“I am honored to have been nominated and even more so to receive this award,” Ms. Schlaseman said. “I’m passionate about the benefits of nuclear power, and it is a privilege to work in this industry, especially with my colleagues in U.S. WIN. I greatly appreciate this recognition.”

The PBLA is named after Patricia Bryant, one of the driving forces in the founding of the Women in Nuclear Global and U.S. WIN organizations. Established in 2006, the PBLA recognizes U.S. WIN members who have made significant contributions and demonstrated leadership in the three core values of U.S. WIN:

“MPR could not be prouder of Caroline and her contributions to the nuclear industry and to WIN, she is more than deserving to receive such a distinguished award,” MPR Principal Officer, Bob Coward said. “We began our careers at MPR within a few years of one another and have worked together regularly ever since; her commitment, knowledge and experience have brought both success to our clients and MPR, she is a steward of the industry.”

Ms. Schlaseman began her career at MPR in 1981, after receiving her degree in Civil/Structural Engineering from Duke University. She has performed a broad spectrum of technical work in the nuclear power industry, and has served in supervisory and management roles including her current position as a General Manager for MPR’s Power Services business. Ms. Schlaseman has contributed to U.S. WIN for more than 15 years, having served on the U.S. WIN Steering, Conference and Communications Committees and in leadership positions with the local WIN chapter.

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