Production Process Case - MPR Assists Drug Manufacturer in Designing Delivery Device, Production Process, and Manufacturing Facility

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MPR worked with a specialty pharmaceutical company to create a non-traditional manufacturing process to efficiently and effectively produce a unique implantable drug delivery device for pain management, also designed by MPR. MPR’s first step was to divide this major project into a series of smaller technical tasks, including a focus on sterility, filling technologies, and quality control. The individual solution to each technical task was integrated into an overall best practices and technologies manufacturing process, and then applied to development of prototypes of the drug delivery system for validation. The multi-disciplined MPR Product Development team concurrently conducted both engineering and validation testing to achieve higher development efficiencies and reduce product time to market. MPR’s ability to appropriately balance customized and COTS equipment in a comprehensive production method enabled creation of a completely validated manufacturing process that was ready to support clinical trials in a record eight months.

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