MPR and NuSource Host Senator Mark Warner for Energy Policy Discussion

July 22, 2014

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On July 3rd, Senator Mark Warner visited MPR Associates to discuss U.S. energy policy. Senator Warner's visit included a meeting with MPR and NuSource executives followed by a town-hall where all employees were invited to join. 

“I enjoyed meeting with MPR and NuSource to discuss their innovative approaches to energy technologies," Senator Warner said. "I’ve always supported an all-of-the-above approach to energy, including greater energy productivity, and I am pleased that Virginia companies like MPR and NuSource are leading the way.”  

MPR was founded 50 years ago by Harry Mandil, Bob Panoff, and Ted Rockwell, a trio of visionary engineers from Admiral Rickover's U.S. Navy Nuclear Program. The three were key to the early success of the commercial nuclear power industry. As MPR grew, it also diversified to serve the broader power generation market, the Federal Government, and the medical device industry. 

"We were delighted for the opportunity to meet Senator Warner to discuss energy policy and its impacts on reliability of the electric grid," Bob Coward, MPR Principal Officer, commented. "We appreciate the Senator's candid views on nuclear, fossil, and renewable generation technologies, his concern for the environment, and his willingness to listen to ours." Mr. Coward continued, "I will be sure to convey his thinking to executives in the power industry and I am confident he will use what he learned from us to inform his debate with colleagues in the Senate." 

NuSource, a joint venture between Gavial Holdings and MPR Associates, was formed to provide the existing fleet of U.S. nuclear plants with specialty replacement hardware. "We enjoyed talking with the Senator and discussing the role Washington plays in energy markets," Rob Erda, NuSource COO, said. 

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