Using disciplined project management and dedicated project teams, MPR applies our trademarked risk-reduction approach to compress product time-to-market. Our culture of creativity, innovation, and accountability ensures that we find simple, efficient solutions to complex problems. Clients return to us because of our proven ability to invent new, successful products and technologies. Our rigorous protocol of “First Principles” is a proven catalyst for reducing risk, revitalizing original concepts, and finding unconventional solutions.

relative riskOur unique First Principles process and integration of industrial design at the beginning of a product’s development are the cornerstones of our ability to consistently deliver innovative solutions on an accelerated timetable. MPR initiates projects by deconstructing the challenge into its fundamental components where problems can be readily solved by converting all “unknowns” into a subset of “knowns.” We then conceptualize and design with all known elements, greatly reducing risk early in the product development cycle and allowing for ensured reliability in the final product.

Rigorous application of First Principles means that our clients’ designs are based on proven technologies. The process allows for optimization of technical designs, streamlined verification, validation procedures, greater margins in operational variations during production, and also maximizes opportunities for creativity and innovation.