ASSIGNEE (unless noted)


Des. 348,928 Schering Corporation Medical Powder Inhaler
Des. 350,193 Schering Corporation Inhaler for Powdered Medications
5,083,334 SSI Medical Services, Inc. Mechanism for Hospital Bed Side Guard
4,936,837 C.R. Bard, Inc. Special Valve for Urinary Drainage Bag
4,727,985 BOC Group, Inc. Mixing and Dispensing Apparatus for Drug
Des. 286,137 Pfizer, Inc. Pill Dispenser and Cover
4,574,948 Howmedica, Inc. Package for Dispensing Suture(s)
3,871,554 Sybron Corporation Emergency Eyewash Station
3,768,478 Vernitron Medical Products, Inc. Aspiration Device for Withdrawing Fluid from Patient's Body
3,572,282 Ortho Pharmaceutical Corporation Tablet Dispenser with Circular Tablet Channel
Des. 219,322 McNeil Laboratories Anesthesia Tray
3,527,190 Ortho Pharmaceutical Corporation Tablet Dispensing Device with Adjustable Calendar
3,511,409 Ortho Pharmaceutical Corporation Tablet Dispenser with Hinged Top and Indicator Ejector Wheel
3,506,008 Ortho Pharmaceutical Corporation Unit Dose Medical Applicator (Preloaded)
214,970 Ortho Pharmaceutical Corporation Diagnostic Test Kit
3,448,737 Ortho Pharmaceutical Corporation Insertion unit for intrauterine contraceptive device
3,437,236 Ortho Pharmaceutical Corporation Tablet dispensing device with refill cartridge
3,385,421 Ortho Pharmaceutical Corporation Strip Dispensing Device with Calendaring Feature
3,366,116 Licensed to: C.R. Bard, Inc. Pediatric Urine (Specimen) Collector
3,309,008 Licensed to: C.R. Bard, Inc. Bedside and Portable Drainage Collector
2,996,194 Licensed to: IVEL Corporation Articulated Display System
20080014181 Tissue Genesis, Inc. Cell Separation System and Method of Use
2007/009036A2 Tissue Genesis, Inc. Apparatus and Method of Preparing Tissue Grafts